Experience with us real Italian life away from the tourist crowds

There is no shortage of top-quality products here:  the local olive oils, truffles, lentils, chocolates, salamis, cured meats and cheeses, wild boar and hare are renowned throughout Italy. 
Umbria was the first region in Italy to obtain in 1998 the D.O.P.* status, for its olive oil making it one of Italy's true extra-virgin olive oil capitals.
Umbrian wines are acclaimed as some of Italy's best.  Two different wine have obtained the prestigious D.O.C. status*:  Torgiano rosso riserva and  Sagrantino di Montefalco secco e passito;
while eight wine have obtained the D.O.C.G. status*:  Orvieto,  Montefalco, Torgiano,  Colli Amerini,  Colli Martani,  Colli Altotiberini,  Colli del Trasimeno and  Colli Perugini
And what can we say about the region's truffles?  Umbria produces more than thirty types of prized black and white truffles. 
Lovers of good food and wine can take advantage of the various wine and food tasting that we at San Bartolomeo organize, including:

  • Wine tours: We will take you along Umbria's designated "Wine Route", stopping at one of the many vineyards along the 'Cantico' part of the route. The visit includes wine-tasting of DOC-label wines and the possibility of buying wine at the winemaker's shop.
  • Olive oil tasting: We will take you along Umbria's designated "Olive Oil Route"  and to visit a typical Umbrian olive oil press.  The visit includes a snack of bruschetta with DOP-label extra-virgin olive oils and the possibility of buying the local oil on site.
  • Lunch or dinner out:  We will take you for a memorable lunch or dinner at one of our favourite wine bars (enoteche) or restaurants (trattoria) to taste the fabulous local specialities you've been hearing about!
  • Cooking classes in our own casale:  We will open our own kitchen to private classes to teach you how to make delicious, typical Umbrian and Roman dishes.  

*D.O.P.: protected designation of origin; this status, guarantees and certifies the quality of products and their production in specific geographical areas where they are prepared according to traditional techniques. 
*D.O.C.: denomination of controlled origin; a quality indicator awarded from the Italian government to appellations and products of superior quality in the 1960s.
*D.O.C.G.: denomination of controlled and guaranteed origin, the highest level Italian wine classification.This quality indicator was established after 1960s as a means of establishing a more elite tier of appellations through stricter growing and vinification guidelines